Our Diamonds

The Kimberley Process

We only purchase diamonds through suppliers who enforce the standards established by the Kimberley Process.

TheĀ Kimberley Process, an international system created to track and certify diamonds and prove they were obtained through legitimate channels.

Zimbabwe Diamonds

We are committed to ensuring that the highest ethical standards are observed when sourcing our diamonds. Due to the reported human rights abuses in Zimbabwe's Marange diamond district, we will not purchase diamonds from that area.

100% Conflict-Free Diamonds

Our diamonds are guaranteed to be 100% conflict free and we will continue to support and promote any process or partnership that upholds and improves the end-to-end diamond trade. The diamonds in our collection are sourced from around the world, including major mines in Australia, Africa and Canada. The diamond industry has a positive economic impact in many communities, including job opportunities, schooling, healthcare and improved infrastructure. For more information on this issue, check outĀ DiamondFacts.org.