Established 2022


Welcome to Ember, where impeccable design, superior quality, and customer happiness are our driving forces. We take immense pride in our design process, which is carefully guided by an awareness of current fashion trends and the specific needs of piercing studios.

When it comes to materials, we have a steadfast belief in using only the finest resources. We meticulously source all our materials and stones to ensure that not only do they look exquisite, but also meet standards for both the piercing and traditional jewelry industries.
Each and every piece of Ember jewelry is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Through close collaboration with our skilled jewelers, we guarantee that every piece is made to last.

At Ember, we hope our passion for what we do shines through in every piece of jewelry. We are so excited to have you to embark on this journey with us, as we continue to blend contemporary fashion trends with timeless elegance. We are so honored to be able to have you share our jewelry with your clients, and always appreciate feedback!

Thank you for choosing Ember!
Ryan Dreyfuss - Owner