What Makes a Visit to a Piercing Studio So Essential?

Ember is your go-to for everything piercing. With over a decade of experience in the piercing world, our owner and designer, Ryan Dreyfuss, understands the importance of high-quality jewelry.

Threadless Ends and Backings

Ever wondered why we offer threadless jewelry only that need separate backs? It's simple: we want your fresh gold jewelry to start its journey right. Rely on your local piercing studio to expertly fit your piece, ensuring it stands strong against the test of time. Professional installation is a must – after all, gold body jewelry can be an investment. Let the skilled piercers match the perfect back size for your threadless end, find your body's ideal ring fit, and provide you with tips to care for your new piercing.


Wholesale Warmth and Global Bonds

We hold so much love for our wholesale partners who are across the globe. Our brand's vibes resonate in countless shops that proudly feature Ember Jewelry. We're immensely grateful for this worldwide family. If you're on the hunt for a nearby Ember hotspot, we've got your back. Visit our stockist page here!

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